Scott McBurney

Contact Information
Title Clinical Veterinary Professional-Wildlife Pathology; Adjunct and Graduate Faculty Member
Education BSc (Wildlife Biology-Guelph), DVM (UPEI)
Phone (902) 566-0959
Fax (902) 566-0871

Areas of Expertise

  • Wildlife Pathology
  • Morphologic Pathology


Selected Publications 

Foley, P and S. McBurney. 2001. Ethylene glycol toxicosis in a free-ranging raccoon (Procyon lotor) from Prince Edward Island. Can. Vet. J. 43(4): 291-292.

McBurney, S., A.M. Veitch and P.Y. Daoust. 2000. Bacterial valvular endocarditis in a black bear from Labrador. J. Wild. Dis. 36(4): 788-791.

Daoust, P.Y., D.G. Busby, L. Ferns, J. Goltz, S. McBurney, C. Poppe and H. Whitney. 2000. Salmonellosis in songbirds in the Canadian Atlantic provinces during winter-summer 1997-98. Can. Vet. J. 41(1): 54-59.

Gilroy, B.J., J. Lofstedt, L. Pack and S. McBurney. 1999. Paranasal sinus cyst as a cause of stridor in a standardbred colt. Can. Vet. J. 40(1): 49-51.

Daoust, P.Y., G. Conboy, S. McBurney and N. Burgess. 1998. Interactive mortality factors in common loons from Maritime Canada. J. Wild. Dis. 34(3): 524-531.